ACGF Experts meeting in Arctic conditions in Oulu, Finland


All Arctic Coast Guard Forum Members are gathered in Oulu for the four-day ACGF Experts meeting. The previous Experts meeting was organized in Turku in November 2017. The meeting agenda consists of preparations connected to the ACGF Live Exercise 2019, discussions related to the upcoming events of the ACGF and recognizing new possible areas of cooperation, among other things. The ACGF Experts will also participate in parts of the ACGF Principals meeting taking place on 8-9 March 2018.  

170912-G-ZV332-0043_1.jpgParticipants of the ACGF's first operational exercise Arctic Guardian 2017 preparing the launch of life rafts outside Reykjavik Iceland. The ACGF 2019 Live Exercise will take place in Finland in the spring of 2019.


Overlapping the ACGF Experts meeting, the Finnish Environment Institute is organizing an Oil Spills in the Arctic Exercise and a seminar connected to it. The ACGF Experts will participate in parts of the seminar’s program. More information on the Oil Spills Exercise and the seminar can be found here.


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